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Article : DIY system used for rotating Tunze Stream

OdgovorObjavljeno: 16 jul 2005 12:14
Napisal/-a Bojan
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OdgovorObjavljeno: 16 jul 2005 20:02
Napisal/-a planetg
hi bojan,

could you please explain step-by-step for electronic idiots like myself?
I'm particularly confused by how u program it to oscillate.

would like to purchase parts and try it out.

thanx a million

OdgovorObjavljeno: 16 jul 2005 23:33
Napisal/-a Bojan
I you want that LM24 or LN230 to oscillate, you will need some additional device, which will be used to control LM24.

There are many possibilities how to implement oscillation:
1.)low cost Timer
2.) electronic oscillator MK111
3.) aquarium controller, if you have one,
4.) some other controller Siemens LOGO, etc

Actuators may be powered by 220 VAC or 24 VAC/DC depends on model. I use model prepared for 24 VAC/DC. The same voltage level is used for power supply and control. I suppose that you have 220 V, AC , 50Hz power supply in Singapure. Please check.

1.) Low cost Timer


The simplest solution consists of the LM24 for 220VAC power supply and simple Timer, which cost less than 15 EURO.
Operation is very simple. You have to connect
1 neutral line from AC 220V
2 phase AC 220V
3 phase in timer socket

Single-wire control

Operation is very simple
When timer is ON LM230 will rotate in one direction, and when timer is OFF LM230 will rotate in opposite direction.

Depends on the number of programmes in the timer, you can programme number of rotation every day. This is disadvantage of that solution, because you are limited with the number of programmes in timer. This solution is very useful for tide simulation ( every 6 hours).

2.) electronic oscillator MK111

Plase read documentation of MK111 in the following manual ... &id=339209

Single-wire control .

Connect MK111 pins J2 1,2 (relay output ) on the location, where switch is drawn.

This circuit is useful for simulating waves (continuous rotating)

3.) Aquarium controller

I use two relay outputs of my home made aquarium controller for controlling LM24. LM24 has very useful feature. It rotates very slow, only 1 degree every second. If I need rotation for 20 degrees clockwise, I close relay contact for clockwise rotation and vice versa, so if I need rotation for 20 degrees anti clockwise, I close other relay contact for anti clockwise rotation.

Re: Article : DIY system used for rotating Tunze Stream

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Napisal/-a asad ali


Re: Article : DIY system used for rotating Tunze Stream

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Napisal/-a asad ali

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